FreightTracer v2.5.6 - Release Notes

FreightTracer v2.5.6 - Release Notes

My Shipments page sorting will show shipments in order of most recent to future shipments.

When a load is completed the user will have the ability to submit a virtual POD, which allows the user to enter Recipient Name and Receiving Date & Time.

Notifications:  Carrier, Shipper and Receiver's will receive notification on key delivery events (dispatch, onsite pickup, onsite delivery, load completed)

Notifications: Pickup and Delivery Reference Numbers have been added to notification emails.

Added the Equipment Type of "Tanker-Trailer" to the Equipment Type list on the Load Sheet.

New and improved mobile app layout for Android

Drivers using tablets or mobile phones can now rotate the device and view the application in a new landscape mode layout.

Dashboard maps will now show a group of shipments as a cluster.  The cluster will show the number of shipments inside the cluster.  Clicking on the cluster will drill down into the map and show those shipments. (see below)

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